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RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan
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Reservations for advance tickets for RoboCup 2017

Nippon Travel Agency started accepting reservations for advance tickets for RoboCup 2017 Nagoya Japan, to be held at Nagoya International Exhibition Hall (Port Messe Nagoya) and Takeda Teva Ocean Arena.

Types of advance tickets

1-day ticket Adult 1,000 yen
4-day ticket Adult 2,000 yen

●The ticket holders are permitted to vist Amazon Robotics Challenge, as well.

Click “Ticket Purchase” below to buy RoboCup 2017 advance tickets

Notes to be taken regarding the event
* Senior high school students and those younger, and people certified as disabled are free of charge.
・Each ticket is valid on the day of admission, and is applied to one person.
・If the ticket stub is detached from the main part of the ticket before admission, the ticket itself will be invalid.
・The ticket is not convertible into cash.
・The ticket would not be reissued under any circumstances. (lost, destroyed by burning and damage)
・Resale for financial gains is banned under any circumstances. Admission using tickets obtained via Internet
   auctions may be declined.
・Financial damage caused by event suspension or postponement, such as travel costs, is not subject to
・Part of event content may change under certain circumstances.
・Customers who fail to obey event staff instructions or ignore their caution may be denied admission or may be
   asked to leave the event venue. Event organizers are not to be held accountable for accidents or financial damage
   suffered by such customers.
・Bringing hazardous materials into the venue is prohibited. Customers are strictly barred from using electronic
   devices that send radio waves (including cell phones and portable Wi-Fi equipment) in light of their possible
   interference in the operations of competitive robots that may induce their malfunction.
・Photographing is allowed inside the venue. The use of flash devices is, however, prohibited.
・Be reminded that admission may be denied temporarily during the congestion.
・Eating and drinking inside the venue are limited to designated areas.
・The use of public transportation is strongly recommended for access to the venue in view of expected congestion
   caused by the limited parking space near the venue.
・Competitive events may be recorded by cameras or video devices for publicity. As a result, some visitors may
   happen to be filmed. Exercising their portrait rights is fully attributed to event organizers because using such rights
   is recognized as part of the event. It is understood that visitors have accepted the use of the rights by the
   organizers once they visit the venue.

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