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RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan
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How to participate

Any team interested in participating in RoboCup 2017 must successfully pass the league specific qualification process. Please note that the criteria for qualification and deadlines for submitting all qualification material vary for each league.

For the Major leagues the deadlines usually close around December or January.

For the Junior leagues there is no direct qualification for the international RoboCup event. Here, participating teams are selected through regional competitions for which the deadlines usually close several months earlier than for the Major leagues.

For more information, please visit the websites of the respective leagues and join the respective mailing lists. Any question about qualification should be directed to the respective league's technical committee members and/or the league's mailing list. Please watch the announcements of the respective league’s mailing list carefully .

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