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RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)
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City of Nagoya

The city of Nagoya, located roughly in the center of Japan, boasts a population of about 2.3 million citizens and is the political, economic, and cultural capital of central Japan.
A history and culture represented by Atsutajingu, the Three Feudal Lords Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and the Owari Tokugawa family are the basis of Nagoya’s charm and vitality.
The foundation of Nagoya was laid 400 years ago in 1610 with the construction of Nagoya Castle, and subsequent relocation of the local capital from Kiyosu to Nagoya. The castle construction required talented artisans who used high-quality raw materials such as the Kiso cypress tree. Thus, a unique manufacturing culture known as monozukuri (passionate craftsmanship) flourished, and Nagoya continues to grow as an industrial city that guides the future of Japan. Nagoya is drawing many visitors to its samurai history, culture, and local cuisine (Nagoya-meshi).
Recently, Shabani, a western lowland gorilla at Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens, is attracting much attention , spreading the charms of Nagoya nationally and internationally. In 2027, the Linear Chuo Shinkansen’s Tokyo to Nagoya route will open for passengers and is expected to significantly expand both people-to-people and economic exchange in Nagoya.


The average temperature of July in Nagoya is approximately 27°C~28°C.

Down Town

Nagoya Station

Gateway to the City of Nagoya, Nagoya Station is bustling with over one million passengers every day. The station is conveniently surrounded by department stores, hotels, office towers and other buildings, and it also boasts Japan’s largest underground shopping area. Nagoya Station’s landmark JR Central Towers were the first skyscrapers build in the Nagoya Station Area and reach a height of 245 meters. On the basis of height and total floor area, Nagoya Station is one of the world’s largest station buildings. Together, the combination of department stores, hotels and restaurants form a dynamic, multifunctional urban complex.

Kanayama Station

As a combined station for the subway, Meitetsu, JR, and the gateway to Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kanayama is the major transportation intersection of Nagoya. In the vicinity of the station are the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts, hotels, and the Asunal Kanayama complex, blending public and commercial facilities which are always filled with customers.


Sakae is Nagoya’s representative shopping district, where the city’s latest fashions and great foods come together. In its center lies the lush green Hisaya-odori Park, the Nagoya TV Tower city landmark, and the Oasis 21 three-dimensional city park, commercial, and bus terminal complex. The Hisaya-odori Park and Yaba Park hold events on a weekly basis, and there are cultural institutions such as the Aichi Arts Center, making the area a charming district you can enjoy all day long.

Osu District

The Osu District, home to several shopping avenues centered around Osu Kannon Temple and Banshoji Temple, provides a wide variety of restaurants, antique stores, secondhand clothing stores and computer stores. Osu is always bustling with crowds of people, both young and old. Many events are held in the shopping district, such as the Summer Festival, the parade for the “World Cosplay Summit”, and the Street Performers Festival.



Nagoya’s subways are high-speed and on-time public transportation system that can transport large loads. Made of 6 lines and a 93.3 km track, it plays a key role in the city’s transportation.

Nagoya City Subway Map: Nagoya_City_Subway.pdf (Nagoya City Subway900KB)
Nagoya City Subway Guide:

Aonami Line

The Aonami Line connects Nagoya Station to Kinjo Pier, where the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall (RoboCup2017 Venue), SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, and other key places are located. Close to Noseki Station on the Aonami Line lies the Ramsar Convention-recognized Fujimae Tidal Flat and the Nagoya City Bird-Watching House, where shorebirds gathering in the wetland can be seen.

** From Nagoya Station to Kinjo Pier **
Duration: approx. 24 minutes
Headway: running at 10 or 15-minute intervals in a daytime.

Nagoya Cuisine (Nagoya-meshi) Guide

Nagoya Cuisine, known as Nagoya-meshi in Japanese, the unique food culture of Aichi-Nagoya, gained great recognition throughout Japan with the opportunity of the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi. Nagoya Cuisine was featured extensively on TV shows, magazines, and other forms of media. The City of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, and other organizations joined together to found the “Nagoya Cuisine Promotion Association”, in order to promote and publicize delicious local cuisine and promote tourism in the region. For about one month in the fall, the “NAGOYAMESHI EXOPO” is held where staple dishes to newly introduced Nagoya Cuisine is exhibited, attracting a great number of visitors.


One can enjoy three different savory flavors when eating this original Nagoya dish. First, finely-sliced grilled eel is eaten as is. Then, toppings are added. Finally, tea or broth is poured into the bowl to make ochazuke.


Chicken wing meat lightly seasoned and deep fried, served with salty-sweet glaze, black pepper, and sesame seeds. Double deep-fried, these wings have a fluffy center and a crispy outside.


Pork cutlets smothered in salty-sweet miso sauce. The unusual combination of miso sauce and cutlets are symbolic of Nagoya’s collaborative culture.

Miso-nikomi Udon

Raw Udon wheat noodles simmered in an earthenware pot, kneaded without salt using only water, with red miso based broth and dried bonito soup stock. The rich red miso broth and hard noodles are an exquisite combination.

Sites to visit

Nagoya Castle

Completed in 1612, this castle was constructed to be the residence for the Owari Tokugawa clan by order of Tokugawa Ieyasu. It was the first castle to be designated a national treasure, but most of its buildings were lost to fire during the war in 1945. The original corner towers, gates, rock walls, and gardens are preserved in there ancient splendor, and demonstrate the dignity and authority of the Tokugawa family to this day. The defending symbol of the castle, the Castle Towers, was reconstructed in 1959. Currently, the Hommaru Palace-formerly used as lodging for shogun-is being restored, and its first portion was open to the public in 2013. All portions are scheduled to open to the public in 2018.

Admission Fee: ¥500
Tokugawaen (Tokugawa Garden) Combination Ticket : ¥640


This Japanese garden originated as the retirement residence for Mitsutomo, the second-generation lord of the Owari Tokugawa clan. In 2004, a new stroll-style landscaped garden around an inner pond, reminiscent of daimyo (feudal lord) grounds, was opened within the premises. During this time the Hosa Library, which focuses on conserving and exhibiting the Japanese and Chinese classical scriptures and illustrations of the Owari Tokugawa clan was also expanded.
Admission Fee: ¥300
Closed: Monday
Nagoya Castle Combination Ticket : ¥640

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Built at the birthplace of the Toyota Group, this museum makes use of the buildings remaining form the main plant of the former Toyoda Boshoku. On display are exhibits about Toyota’s move from the production of weaving machines to automobiles, the company’s manufacturing research history, and its manufacturing spirit.
Admission Fee: ¥500
Closed: Monday

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The City of Nagoya has designated the four areas of Nagoya Station, Sakae, Kanayama, and Fujigaoka as Public Nonsmoking Areas meaning that smoking while standing or walking along streets in these Public Nonsmoking Areas is prohibited.
Smoking in public spaces in these areas carries a 2,000 yen fine.

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